The Sculpture- & Furniture Orchard

This technique of producing eco friendly interior is not only a field of biotechnology.  It rather is an art between design, landscaping and hands-on botanic.

Young shoots of the trees are formed an grafted. Afterwards the secondary growth begins and nature influences the design of the works as an artist. Joints are not mortised here, but stabilised through grafts and years of secondary growth. The direct tree shaping doesn't demand a lot of ressources and works as a carbon sink, therefore every work has a positive CO2 footprint.

Today this art is in use for a variety of products (building structures, sculptures, furniture, and many more). Even if the application is pretty divers, they have a common base: The ability to guide the trees' growth and create stable joints through grafts. During the last centuries artists have developed different methods. But Above all it requires especially one: patience.

Sculpture- & furniture gardener, permaculture designer, plant-biotechnologist;


First time I saw a grafted tree I was 9 years old. It was a straight horizontal connection between two beeches, ready to be used as a pull-up bar. Back then it fell into oblivion. When i finished my studies of plant biotechnology 13 years later, I started to learn about the holistic approach of permaculture desing and the use of living formed wood.

The designs of the artworks and of the furniture orchard are shaped by my experinces in performing arts and permaculture as well as studies in organic agriculture.

My study period was followed by workshops of colleagues and the creation of my own pieces...


During the process of setting it up, i don't stop run into new partners and offers for cooperation:

  • Since 2017 Angelika Brenneke (interior designer) draws new designs and reworks old ones.

  • Sebastian Wind is responsible for catching images of different steps of furniture- and sculpture growth.

  • Konstantin Kirsch supports as a permaculture designer and colleague.

  • Marcel Kehl, GaLaBau, Garden- and landscape design

"Tree shaping"
Felix Teuber
The furniture garden

In the sculpture- & furniture-garden are trees growing directly into the shape of sculptures, tables, lamps, and other interior. Unique aestetic pieces result from graftings and bending the trees.

The project started in 2016, renting a piece of overgrown land. The first bigger pieces are expected to be harvested in 2021. The furniture-garden is build as a combination of forestgarden and coppice forest, using permaculture design principles. This is not only a production of tree shaped products, you can also relax and get refreshing inspirations. Here is learning, amazement and dreaming put into one context.

Harvested Pieces

Unfortunately the first harvested piece was too thin to be finished as a pen.

But as we know, one can learn from mistakes. The following harvests will be done after talking to the relevant craftsmen.

Until the first bigger piece will be harvested around 2021, there are more smaller pieces to be harvested.


Get regular updates about the growth of the pieces, insights behind the scene and articles about fascinating topics all about tree shaping.

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Inh. Felix Teuber


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